Cracking The Code On Optimizations

In any area of business or basically anything you do, you want to be optimal, meaning that you get the most out of any process, while not wasting long hours and leaving other tasks to pile up. So how can you optimize? – Well, it’s crucial that you firstly understand the area in which you are seeking this optimization. Do you understand the basics before you go in depth? Do you know how to build upon this base knowledge? Do you know where to acquire the needed knowledge?

What’s also very important is that you dedicate the right amount of time in building out a good strategy to optimize. This is not a one-off thing, this plan needs to be flexible and needs to be updated as new things come along.

After you have a plan in place you will probably need a team of qualified people ready to take on this task, from here on you act on the plan, take note of the feedback, adapt and start over.
This is how you achieve effectiveness and the optimization you are looking for, it’s not a week long thing, it’s constant work and dedication to that specific process.
This week’s topic is something very specific to lead gen companies and the challenges that they face when they’re trying to optimize campaigns for lead generation. One part of this is the idea of supply and demand. If you’ve ever had to sell leads, you know that you’re constantly trying to find the best suppliers, meaning the best quality of leads at the right price point to sell to your buyers, so that you can keep your buyers buying and to make sure that the conversion rates, the the actual leads that they purchase convert out and lead. In this specific example you’re trying to turn a lead, at the right price of which you are purchasing it, connecting it to a buyer who ultimately sells it to the end buyer, who will have a conversion acquiring a new client. Lots of different ways that you can get the variables correct, lots of different ways that it can be done poorly and it can go south. A thing we do not want to happen is – you can lose buyers because it doesn’t convert, or you can lose buyers because they’re not spending enough.

So when we talk about optimizing campaigns, we aren’t talking about one or two variables. We’re talking about five or six variables that all play a role. What we’ve often found is that even in companies that have got a solid setup,, they really struggle with the optimization piece and they don’t necessarily have the time allocated to be able to go in. And there’s again, the learning curve. If you’re new to optimizing campaigns, it can be a superior challenge to try and do that.
Colby Tech has been in the leader position in the marketplace of doing these sorts of optimizations and management projects for clients. With that built up experience with our clients, the publishers or the affiliates and the buyers, we’ve got a good idea of who has particular strengths, who you can go to to buy the right leads in a particular vertical, how to connect those with a particular buyer, because we understand the importance of those relationships.

So just to summarize, if you are in a position where you are optimizing campaigns, you’re looking for an experienced partner that can walk you through and really implement the best possible optimization for you, managing both your affiliate side and your buyer side. We’d be happy to talk with you and share some of the lessons learned in some case studies with you.