Does Your IT Partner Understand Your Business?

As a tech service company that strives to give their clients the best possible results, understanding their  business is critical to ensuring optimization and success. However, it can be a seemingly time consuming and laborious process to understand the full depth and breadth of a client’s business, and thus doing so is often skimmed-through or overlooked. This is not how we go about it. We understand that in order to be effective for our clients we MUST know and understand the critical aspects of their business and the systems that support them.
We have a three phase approach to ensure that we have gotten under the hood of a client’s business and we’re able to deliver for them. First we provide an assessment as part of our onboarding process. We work with the client to get not just an inventory of hardware and software, but to understand how they are currently leveraging this technology. The next step is to go through the core business processes and functionality. We map this with the client so we can see what business process is supported by what technology. Finally, we ensure ongoing communication with the client by leveraging Slack or Skype and monthly and quarterly touch points.
We believe that in order to achieve success with our clients and grow together we must value transparency on both ends. We also believe in adapting as circumstances change, this way we assure growth and minimize the risk of falling behind.
If you are curious to learn more about how this kind of partnership could serve your company just reach out to us today. We’ll have an introductory meeting and talk through your biggest issues and immediate concerns.