Leadspedia: Road To Success

If you are a company that uses Leadspedia then you are probably in one of these two situations:

1. You have a dedicated team with vast knowledge and experience that knows the ins-and-outs of Leadspedia and you have it all down to a T; or
2. You have been using Leadspedia for a while now but you’re getting “okay-ish” results, probably because you don’t have someone who truly knows how to optimize your Leadspedia. We are pretty sure you would rather be in the first situation and if you already are-AWESOME! Stick around to read the most common mistakes people make while using this platform, but if you are not….well, you probably need someone from our team of experts.. You may also need a few tips and tricks from our experts:

Efficiency and speed: If the job of managing Leadspedia is handed off to someone just coming into contact with it, it can be a hassle connecting the pipes properly, making sure the data is complete, sending pings back and forth and making sure everything is communicating properly. What we least want is hard coded fields and fields that are not unique. Not to mention how time consuming this whole process can be if you are not experienced. We probably all have been in the tough situation of having bad quality leads and struggling to get something good in front of prospective buyers.

Optimizing: Oh you’ve already passed this hurdle of proper connections? – Look at you!
Next, let’s make sure you are optimized. What do we mean by that?- Well, everything is flowing correctly, buyers are happy and you have good leads, now your focus shifts to relationships with buyers and affiliates. In the first part we made sure we are set up correctly, now we make sure we capitalize on the opportunity. Again you can be in one of two situations:

1. You set everything up and you think everything from this moment forward is smooth sailing. You are no longer working or optimizing and you are seeing mediocre results; or
2. You are working hard to optimize often enough where you get to see that hard work pay off. We have definitely seen the financial growth and success happen and in those situations there was regular optimization and the combination of right pubs and affiliates, which leads to taking the daily cap off and buying the maximum number of leads. So if you’re wondering how to improve efficiencies and optimize your campaigns starting today, let’s talk!