Putting a Human Face on IT

Let’s start off this week’s blog with a question: If the IT is good, why do you need to go the extra mile ?  Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken right?-Well it might be broken and you just might not be seeing it. Customers will never find out if the IT services are good or bad if they get too frustrated going through the process of getting that service in the first place! They might wait too long, they might get just one too many generic automated responses and give up on the whole process.
Our experts identify 3 MAIN MISTAKES that can hinder your IT business. Keep reading to make sure you are not making them and most importantly how you can eliminate them.
First and foremost, the ticketing system is way too common, but not too many businesses implement it or use it properly. There is nothing inherently wrong with using the ticketing system as it can provide a good means of automation, measure performance and track results, keep a good record etc. However you do need to be cautious with missing the client and relying on the ticketing system to do the heavy lifting of listening to your client’s concerns, needs, and expectations in terms of the resolution. 

Let’s talk about chatbots! They are a great first line of defense in the process of communication, but they are no substitute for a real person. The chatbot can only collect so much information and it has a fixed number of responses because it’s scripted. More often than not the experience leaves the customer unsatisfied and frustrated and as a result, your business loses a client. Most chatbots provide a scalable way to interact with a larger customer base on a 1:1 basis but they fail when they are incapable of leveraging NLP. They are unable to deliver an experience as smooth, efficient, and meaningful as a multi-layered, human-to-human-like conversation does. We recommend using chatbots and automated responses just to get the conversation started and provide basic information to the customer. From then on, customers need to know that they will be tended to in a matter of minutes, by a real person that actually understands their needs and help to create a personalized experience that puts the person at ease and builds trust.
Lastly, let’s touch on how important an actual human response is. By this point you can see where we’re headed with the value of providing IT support and services with the people in mind. IT is a tool that enables your team to work optimally. Getting a quick resolution for your team so they can focus on your core business is your real “why” behind hiring an IT partner. If the first impression a prospective client gets is that you share their concerns and want to work for an immediate resolution they’ll have every reason to work with you and trust you. Right sizing the technology and re-humanizing the IT vendor experience makes for long term partnerships. If you’re looking to change the game with your IT support and want a team of professionals that work with your issues and empathize with your frustrations, reach out for a conversation with Colby Tech today.