What Is The Job Role Of A DevOps Engineer?

DevOps is a specialized form of software development that integrates software developers and information technology (IT) operations. DevOps is an approach to developing and testing software systems in which computer programmers work together with the IT and business staff to test, deploy and maintain a product or service.

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Who is a DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps engineer is someone with a deep knowledge of the software development process and lifecycle and has expertise in the various automation tools for developing CI/CD pipelines i.e. continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

DevOps is an emerging IT field that brings the practices used by engineers and developers from both companies and freelancing fields together. A DevOps engineer is responsible for both the development of a product and its successful deployment to users. DevOps engineers are usually hired by companies looking to streamline their apps or software. They usually work in agile environments, where projects are broken up into sprints, and each sprint focuses on building a single piece of functionality. The DevOps engineer uses automation to ensure that the code is deployed as quickly and reliably as possible, with very few errors. The main premise behind a DevOps culture is releasing software frequently in small increments while incorporating any feedback received to constantly improve products.

Job role of a DevOps Engineer

While many people have a basic idea of what DevOps engineers do, it can be quite a challenge to describe what their day-to-day tasks are. To make it easier for you, we created a list of actions that a DevOps engineer performs on a regular basis. Let us have a look at it:

Coding – Most DevOps engineers spend some time writing and improving code. They review software scripts and look for ways to improve automation and resolve user interface issues.

Problem solving role – A DevOps engineer is a person who has a curious mind and enjoys solving problems. They are the people who solve problems. It’s only fair that since this role involves a lot of proactive thinking, it is also the role of people who can easily adapt to change.

Project Management – DevOps engineers are instrumental in creating a strategic plan for implementing goals. They assess risk, analyze costs and benefits, set operational expectations and forecast future projects to create a timeline. They consult on leadership decisions from a workflow management perspective then develop a plan for carrying out those goals across departments.

Project Integration – The primary job role of a DevOps engineer is to build and maintain a continuous integration pipeline that helps to ensure that the latest features can be integrated into an application. This person also works on automating tests, debugging and performing performance assessments. DevOps engineer is the person who is engaged in automation of the IT infrastructure, the definition and implementation of standards for provisioning and monitoring, deployment and configuration management & infrastructure security.

Server Administration – DevOps Engineers are responsible for server administration to monitor and maintain the servers that host the company software. They create user accounts, update permissions and make sure server information is regularly and securely backed up. They review system logs to identify glitches and possible human error.

Security – The DevOps Engineers have to make sure that the company data is secure. They integrate security measures with software processes and ensure that updates do not create any vulnerability. They also have to continuously look out for any security breach and address the concerns promptly.

Quality Assurance Software Testing – DevOps engineers run tests on the effectiveness and efficiency of various software tools. They assess how well each programming method works in the context of its task. This helps them in error identification and subsequently in its rectification.

A DevOps engineer is an important part of your transformation into a DevOps methodology and so will need to have a broad set of skills to bring about this transformation. They act as a valuable link between various teams, thereby increasing the overall productivity of the organization. If you are looking for more information on the topic, feel free to connect with us at www.colby-tech.com.